Curtain Supplier in Singapore with Tons of Choices

Curtain supplier in Singapore provides tons of curtain choices for different purposes. The materials are various from different fabrics to wood to plastics. The colors are hundreds choices from bright to dark colors. White, cream, green, red, blue, yellow, grey, purple, pink, orange, tan, magenta, cyan, brown, teal, and much more colors are available. It could be plain color or patterned. The pattern options are also abundant. Some patterns are small and simple while the others are bigger and more complicated. The shape and system are various such as vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, roller blinds, and more. Everything are made to deliver the best function and beauty to the room.


Curtain Supplier in Singapore with Custom Order

Curtain is made to limit the light entering room through window, especially sunlight in the noontime. Curtain supplier in Singapore provides curtain in custom design to fit perfectly with the windows. Custom curtain is made based on the measurement of the windows. Therefore, the supplier requires consumer to provide measurement of the window in every order. It is also possible for the staff to come to the house to measure the windows and give assessment for the curtain project. The second option is better because the result would be more precise. Custom curtain in Singapore will make your window beautiful and the room more comfortable.


To choose the right custom curtain for your house, you need to learn different materials and system of the curtain. Every materials comes with advantages and disadvantages. For instance, fabric materials are fall beautifully, soft, but it may not able to block sunlight perfectly. The system to open and close the curtain will affect how the sunlight is block and distribute inside the room. Vertical blinds and horizontal blinds commonly spread the light more evenly while rolling blinds will distribute the light to specific direction. If you confuse, you can ask more detail to curtain supplier in Singapore.